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Handmade in France


Discover our “(A)symmetric” collection. A perfect fusion of symmetry and asymmetry, this collection features designs folded like origami, revealing a lush foliage motif on one side and an intricately sculpted animal fur texture on the other, adorned with delicate details on the sides. This adjustable ring is a perfect gift thanks to its adaptable size.

Each CULOYON jewelry creation is carefully crafted by hand, coming to life in the skillful hands of artisans in the workshop in France.


- Dimensions: ♠︎ spade 1.0×1.4cm

- Adjustable size:  T46 - 58 (French size)

- Materials: Pure silver-plated bronze, guaranteed nickel-free

- Made in France

- Delivered in a CULOYON box


*Price is for one ring

PIQUE ring ♠︎ -SILVER-

Color: Silver

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